Executive Summary Business Plan

Business Planning is a process that repeats like a circle without end. Executive Summary Business Plan Process
You Plan, Execute, Evaluate, and then Repeat!

There are several different Types of Business Plans:
1. One Page Business plans
2. An Executive Summary Business Plan can be a single page or up to 4 pages (normally printed on a 11″ X 17″ fold over with a cover page and your contact info on the back) with paragraphs rather than sentences or bullets.
3. Overview/Outline 8 pages
4. Full Business Plan 60+ pages

There are also Quasi-Business Plans like Private Offering Memorandums (POM), SEC Filings (S1, 10K and 10Q) and Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Packages

Executive Summary Business PlanYour Executive Summary Business Plan should include these elements:
1. Vision Statement
2. Mission Statement
3. Value Proposition (USP)
4. Objectives
5. Strategies
6. Action Plans
7. Projections

Do you have a Executive Summary Business Plan?
If not, download our MSWord template like the picture to get started creating yours.

Your Executive Summary Business Plan should become a road map and action plan for growing your business that you refer to frequently.

Click on the picture to download the PDF or on this link to download our editable MSWord Executive Summary Business Plan template.